AFGE TSA Local 1127 represents a vast geographical area to include Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. Including it’s 38 airports and 4,000+ bargaining unit employees! AFGE TSA Local 1127 sits in 20 federal congressional districts. Local 1127 elects it’s 10 seat executive board every three years consisting of the Local President, Executive Vice President, Executive Secretary, Executive Treasurer, and a Regional Vice President for each state the Local represents..

Rebecca Wolf,  

President Local 1127 (BOI)

[email protected] 


Trang Kim, 

Executive Vice President (PDX)

[email protected]

I’ve been with TSA since 2002 and with AFGE since inception. 

I had zero knowledge about unions before I was asked and appointed as RVP Oregon by Mr Greg Biel. 

I’ve learned a lot since the training from AFGE, Council 100, and my local stewards, especially from Brandon Baity and Duncan McGuire. 

Before I retire from TSA, I hope to help bring in Title 5.  ~~Trang

Don Thompson, 

Executive Treasurer (Retired)

[email protected]

Denise Rodriguez, 

Executive Secretary (DEN)

[email protected]

Adam Givens, 

Regional Vice President-Colorado (DEN)

[email protected]

Cameron Cochems, 

Regional Vice President-Idaho (BOI)

[email protected]

Barbara Hanson, 

Regional Vice President-Montana (BIL)

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Samantha Dollens, 

Regional Vice President-Oregon (PDX)

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Tanja Fowler, 

Regional Vice President-Utah (SLC)

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