Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Training on the CBA for our stewards has been completed by Council 100. Lots of new information and more to come.

Our membership continues to grow, making our voices louder than before. Not only as a local, but as a whole. We have even caught the attention of National! I am proud to tell you that our local is the fastest growing local within our District. National President Kelley and National Vice President Snyder have both reached out to me personally to congratulate our local on our growth.

This month, Vice President Trang Kim and I traveled to Denver for a four-day event at DEN. Our RVP for Colorado, Adam Givens, Secretary Denise Rodriguez, Representative Chris Curtis, National Organizer (NO) Eileen Garcia and Jasmine Falls, and Benefit Architects (BA) reps Red Hardy and Jonah Padgett also joined us. We had great conversations about local issues, answered questions about the new CBA and officers were able to learn about the benefits that are available to them as a member.

Denise Rodriguez, RVP- Givens, NO Garcia, BA Rep Scott Ellenwood and I spent the 5th day in Colorado Springs. Reps Kandida Reeves and Dominic Chavez were able to join us.

While I was in Denver, I had a meet and greet with the new FSD Doug Cruz, and other members of management. FSD Cruz talked about the great working relationship with AFGE from his last airport and looks forward to building the same relationship with us as well. It was a great meeting. Very positive.

There are a couple more state tours coming up but not until late August and September. We have the rest of the states of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana on the books.

More information will come as we get closer.

I want to thank all of you who have stepped into the steward role. It’s an important role and we all appreciate you.

Enjoy your summer, stay hydrated, cool and don’t forget your sun block!

In solidarity,

Rebecca Wolf