Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is with high spirits that we are ready to celebrate because our LOCAL is loaded with excitement and achievement!

First and foremost, congratulations are in order to each and every one of us!

We’ve hit an incredible milestone – 1000 members strong! 

Words fail to express the joy and gratitude I feel at this moment. This marks a historic moment for us as a Local and as a Union. 

Together, our voices are amplifying, our unity is strengthening, and our impact is resonating louder than ever before.

Let’s revel in this moment of unity and solidarity!

But wait, there’s more fantastic news to share! 

Drumroll, please… Our new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) has officially been approved! 

Council 100 will have a signing ceremony with Administrator Pekoske in May!  The new contract is set to take effect on May 24th, 2024.


Congratulations are truly in order for each and every one of you! 
In solidarity,

Rebecca Wolf

American Federation of Government Employees AFL-CIO
Local 1127
(208) 353-3885      
“Protecting Officer Rights; While They Protect the Skies”