President’s Desk

Dearest Brothers & Sisters;

Hello! I do hope this finds you well.

Here we are already half way through April 2024! Graduations and Summer vacations fast approaching.

Thank you all who came to the membership meeting held on Saturday, April 13th, 2024. It was nice to see new faces and more involvement. Membership meetings are so important. Without membership, there is no local. Without membership involvement, we can not conduct the business of the local effectively or efficiently.

Our goal at the beginning of the year, was to reach 1000 members by the end of April. Well guess what?! We are almost there! According to the count on our AFGE My Local, we are at 993 members!!!!! I am sure by the end of the week, after the new members have been processed from the latest New Hire Orientations, we will actually be over! What an AWESOME job done by all who are actively showing up, talking with people and signing them up! You are ROCKING IT! It takes a TEAM to accomplish this.

With that being said, my next challenge is to sign up another 300 by July 31st. I know we can do it!

The question has been asked if we have ever met these numbers before. No, we have not. We lose members all the time, be it from leaving the agency, transitioning into a non BUE position or people who have decided they just aren’t sure the Union is for them. So, it becomes a back-and-forth game with the numbers.

We all know the benefits of representation with being a member, but are you aware of all the other benefits available to you as a member? Or that your family can use your benefits as well just because you are awesome and are a member? Check them out on the website! There are so many things available.

The new CBA! Everyone is eagerly awaiting the release. Council 100 will be in DC next month for the signing of the CBA with Administrator Pekoske. DHS had 30 days to sign off on it and once done, it will go into effect 30 days after. We are looking at May 24th for the new CBA to go live. Council is working diligently to get some training events set up for as soon as possible.

Events coming up in breakrooms near you….

RVP Samantha Dollens will be visiting the airports in Oregon along with our National Organizer, Eileen Garcia the week of May 5th.

RVP Cameron Cochems will be visiting the airports in Idaho along with our National Organizer, Eileen Garcia the week of May 12th.  I will actually be visiting Lewiston with Eileen on the 14th  of May.

The week of June 9th, there will be a bunch of us coming to the breakrooms in Denver! RVP Adam Givens, Secretary Denise Rodriguez, Vice President Trang Kim, National Organizer Eileen Garcia, Benefit Architects representative, Scott Ellenwood and a few more yet to be determined! 

We are working with the National Organizer to get more dates on the books to ensure we see each and every one of you!

National Organizer, Eileen Garcia and I had the pleasure of visiting the airports in Utah a couple weeks ago.

It is always a pleasure to see everyone and visit your airports. To be able to sit down and have conversations with you and offer assistance where I can. To hear the good and the bad. Thank you for having us.


Thank you again for all that you do.

Your membership, your support and voice always make a difference.


Local President,

 Rebecca Wolf

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